NHS Health Campaigns 2020

January 2020

1st-31st January
Dry January

Giving up alcohol for the month of January is a way of encouraging long lasting healthy drinking habits and reaping the benefits associated with reducing alcohol intake.

February 2020

4th February
World Cancer Day

People across the world participate in World Cancer Day, with the aim of raising awareness and inspiring action to reduce the risk of cancer.

7th February
Time To Talk Day

1 in 4 people experience mental health problems, but many of these people do not feel able to speak up about it. Time To Talk Day aims to reduce the mental health
stigma by encouraging people to be open about what they are going through.

25th February – 3rd March
Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Raising awareness about eating disorders, including the different types of eating disorders and the treatments available to combat them.

March 2020

13th March
No Smoking Day

A day to encourage and support smokers to quit smoking.

13th March
World Sleep Day

Promoting issues related to sleep and aiming to reduce the problem of sleep disorders on society by encouraging prevention and management of sleep disorders.

16th-22nd March
Nutrition and Hydration Week

A global movement aiming to promote nutrition and hydration in quality care, experience and safety improvement in health and social care settings.

20th March
World Oral Health Day

Oral diseases are extremely common. This day aims to help reduce the prevalence of oral diseases.

April 2020

1st-30th April
Stress Awareness Month

Raising awareness of the causes and cures of stress.

5th April
Walk to Work Day

Reduce carbon emissions and add some healthy exercise to your day by walking to work.

7th April
World Health Day

Highlight a priority area of public health concern in the world.

24th April
On Your Feet Britain

Encouraging the people of Britain to sit less and stand more by following some simple challenges.

May 2020

1st-31st May
National Walking Month

Encouraging people to walk more often.

5th May
Global Hand Hygiene Day

Prevention and control, including hand hygiene, is critical to achieve universal health coverage.

6th-14th May
Sun Awareness Week

Highlighting the importance of looking after your skin in the sun.

18th-24th May
Mental Health Awareness Week

Raising awareness of topics like stress, relationships, loneliness, sleep, alcohol and friendship, with the aim of promoting better mental health.

June 2020

10th-14th June
British Nutritional Foundation (BNF) Healthy Eating Week

Celebrating healthy living by promoting eating and drinking healthily, and staying active.

10th-16th June
Men’s Health Week

Raising awareness of male health issues and encouraging men to seek professional help for health problems.

10th-16th June
Carers Week

A carer is anyone who provides unpaid support to an individual who would not be able to cope without them. Carers week is a national campaign to raise awareness of the challenges that carers face.

20th June
National Clean Air Day

A chance for the whole country to come together and improve air quality through collective action.

July 2020

6-12th July
Health Information Week

Promoting high quality information for patients.

August 2020

8th August
Cycle To Work Day

The UK’s biggest cycling commuting event. Encouraging the people of Britain to cycle instead of drive to work, with over 2 million miles cycled since the event began.

September 2020

2nd-8th September
Organ Donation Week

Encouraging people to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor. Register and to tell others about their decision to do so.

9th-15th September
Know Your Numbers Week

Blood pressure testing and awareness campaign. Encouraging adults to be aware of their blood pressure and to take steps towards ensuring this number is healthy.

10th September
World Suicide Prevention Day

With suicide being a leading cause of death across people of all ages across the entire world, World Suicide Prevention Day seeks to promote commitment and action to prevent suicide.

13th September
World Sepsis Day

Sepsis accounts for an estimated 8 million deaths worldwide each year, yet little is known about it. Knowledge of sepsis needs to be improved in order to stop many of these preventable deaths from happening.

23rd-29th September
National Eye Health Week

A week where healthcare professionals join forces to encourage people to get more regular sight tests and to generally act in ways that promote benefits to their vision, with hopes to avoid preventable sight loss.

25th September
National Fitness Day

Make the 25th of September the most active day of the year by participating in a range of activities from yoga to dance offs, with many more to choose from.

27th September
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

All over the UK people host a coffee morning and donate the proceeds to Macmillian.

October 2020

1st-5th October
National Work Life Week

Opening the conversation about wellbeing at work and promoting a good work-life balance.

1st-28th October

A national campaign encouraging people to give up smoking, offering support and advice for how to quit for good.

1st-31st October
National Cholesterol Month

High cholesterol can cause serious health problems, such as heart attacks and strokes. National Cholesterol Month aims to raise awareness of these dangers while raising money for Heart UK.

1st-31st October
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Increasing awareness of the disease and raising money to go towards life-saving research.

8th-12th October
Back Care Awareness Week

BackCare began when a clear lack of information on back care was identified. Since its beginnings, BackCare seek to support those who experience back pain by providing information, guidance, and advice.

10th October
World Mental Health Day

Raising awareness of mental health issues across the world.

14th-20th October
International Infection Prevention Control Week

Increasing awareness of the need to keep patients safe from infection.

18th October
World Menopause Day

Raising awareness of the health issues women experience around the time of menopause.

November 2020

1st-30th November
Movember Men’s Health Awareness Month

Join the 5 million men who have grown moustaches in the month of November since 2003 to raise money for men’s health.

4th-8th November
International Stress Awareness Week

Stress accounts for a significant proportion of sickness absence. It is in the best interests of both individuals and their employers to work out ways to prevent and manage stress.

12th-16th November
Anti-Bullying Week

Many people experience bullying and the Anti-Bullying Alliance want to tackle this.The theme for 2020 is ‘Respect’.

11th-17th November
Alcohol Awareness Week

In the UK, one person dies every hour due to alcohol. Alcohol Awareness Week tries to get people thinking about the influence of alcohol in our lives, one that is often not positive.

November/December 2020

25th November – 10th December
16 Days of Action Against Domestic Violence

Aimed at businesses to support them in taking action against domestic abuse by encouraging them to demonstrate their legal obligation to assess dynamic risk and support the health and safety of their employees.

December 2020

1st December
World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day provides opportunity for us to unite in the fight against HIV, showing support for the more than 36 million people living with Aids across the world, and remembering those who have died of HIV or AIDS.