Travel Vaccinations

Travel advice needs to be booked 8 weeks prior to travel.

If time prior to travel is less than 8 weeks we may not be able to help with your travel vaccines, and alternative resources in the private sector may be necessary.

If you are planning a holiday abroad it is important to get prepared as early as possible regarding any possible vaccines required.

The first thing we would ask is that you look at the websites we suggest to gather information. Travel vaccines are usually optional (there are a few exceptions), and often depend on you, and your holiday itinerary.

When looking at the websites and the vaccines suggested, please bear in mind that the only vaccines available on the NHS are:

  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Polio
  • MMR
  • Cholera

We will also check that you are up to date with any other vaccines (for life in the UK). Any other vaccines you may wish to have will need to be organised via a private provider.

The web sites we recommend are:

Once you have looked at the sites and made some considerations and informed decisions about vaccines you may:

  1. Realise you do not require any vaccines at all
  2. Realise you do not need any vaccines but would like to know your vaccine history
  3. Like to have vaccines available on the NHS
  4. Like to have vaccines available on the NHS and you may also be considering some private vaccines. (Please note we cannot provide this service)

For 1) You may not need any vaccinations – but would still like to have some further travel advice- a telephone consultation can be booked with the Practice Nurse if desired.

For 2), please phone the practice and ask for a phone consultation. Once we have spoken to you we will sort out an appointment to get you vaccinated if required.

For 3) or 4) please phone the practice and book a phone consultation. We will then organise your appointment for vaccinations. We will advise you regarding private vaccines if that is what is also required. If you are requiring private vaccines please get these organised elsewhere as soon as you can to avoid delay as some vaccines are a course.

Date published: 30th January, 2020
Date last updated: 24th July, 2020