Volunteer to help the NHS!

Over 750,000 people have signed up to help out as an NHS Volunteer Responder so far, to help ease the strain on services during the COVID-19 outbreak. 1.5 million people in the UK are deemed most at risk of the virus, and the NHS and other local authorities can refer these people to an NHS Volunteer Responder for support. There are various types of support you can provide:

Community Response Volunteer: Help by collecting shopping, medication or other essential supplies for people who need to self-isolate. You can help them stay in by delivering these supplies to their door.

Patient Transport Volunteer: Provide transport for patients who are medically fit for discharge, and help them get settled back into their home.

NHS Transport Volunteer: Transport equipment, supplies and medication between NHS sites.

Check-in and Chat Volunteer: Self-isolation can be a lonely time. Help ease this loneliness by becoming a short-term telephone support provider.

If you think this is something you may be interested in doing, you can sign up on GoodSAM.

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