MMR Catch-up Campaign

The MMR vaccine, protecting against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, is often associated with childhood immunisation. However, we understand, that those aged 17 to 30 in Devon have often missed their vaccinations as children.

This age group is often involved in environments like universities or international travel, and this increases their exposure risks. Therefore, understanding the MMR vaccine, and ensuring they are vaccinated, is vital for young adults in the UK.

Checking and updating your vaccination status

We recommend that you check your vaccination history to ensure you’ve been vaccinated. Children should receive their first dose of MMR vaccination when they are one year old and the second dose at 3 years and 4 months.

If you have not been vaccinated for MMR, or are unsure about your status, please contact the surgery to check your status and arrange an appointment if needed.


Further information about the MMR vaccine can be found here: MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine – NHS (


Further information about Measles can be found here: Measles – NHS (

Date published: 27th February, 2024
Date last updated: 27th February, 2024