National Data Opt Out

Patients personal confidential data is extracted and shared with NHS Digital in order to support vital health and care planning and research. Further information can be found here.

Patients may opt out of having their information shared for Planning or Research by applying a National Data Opt Out and/or a Type 1 Opt Out:

  1. National Data Opt Out means that NHS Digital will not share any confidential patient data it holds but will collect data from your GP medical record to use for its own service planning and research purposes. To do the National Data Opt Out, register your preference at This was previously known as the Type 2 Opt Out.
  2. Type 1 Opt Out means NHS Digital will not collect data from your GP practice. If a type 1 opt out is registered after extraction begins on 1st September 2021, no extraction will occur from the date but NHS Digital will still hold data extracted before the opt out date.  To do the Type 1 Opt Out, complete this form and return it to our reception team

See our Privacy Notice for more information on how we share data.

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